The Davies family have been running the Douglas since 1913, when Philip and Elizabeth arrived.  Philip died soon after in 1915 but Mrs Davies continued and was a redoubtable proprietor.  Her only son, Alfred, and daughter-in-law Marjorie took over after her death in 1936.  Geoff and Sheila returned to Bethesda in 1960 as did Gwyn and Christine in 1997.

Pub Games
Full size Snooker/Billiard table

Full size Snooker/Billiard table

The table set up for snooker plus

Snooker Plus, the brainchild of Joe Davies, was launched at London’s Burroughs Hall in October 1959, when Joe compiled the first 100 break in this version of the game in a match against his brother Fred.

Like others, he had achieved the maximum break of 147 several times and wished to give himself a greater challenge.

The new version involved adding an extra orange ball worth eight points, midway between the blue and pink and a purple, worth ten, between the blue and brown.

An extract from the Daily Mail of Wednesday, 29 May 1996 refers to professional players aiming to score the new maximum break of 210, but with the purple so far from the reds it is tricky and the player to come closest was the Irishman Jackie Ray with a break of 156.  Since then, Jimmy White has achieved the maximum.

We have a full size snooker table used by many keen, local players.  Snooker plus is played here very often, and billiards occasionally.

Beer Garden

Beergarden looking at the Carneddau mountain range.

Looking towards the Carneddau from the beer garden

You can relax with a drink while you enjoy the splendid view of the river and the mountains.