Garlic Challenge

Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Challenge 2018


Hope House Presentation from Gilbert Bowen to Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones, cynrychiolydd Ty Gobaith, yn derbyn £375 oddi wrth Mr Gilbert Bowen. Amanda Jones, the representative of Hope House, receiving the money raised from the competition from Mr Gilbert Bowen.

Gilbert Bowen yn derbyn llechen i ddathlu ei lwyddiant oddi wrth Andrew Carson, perchennog Northern Welsh Quarries Gilbert Bowen receiving the slate trophy donated by Andrew Carson of Northern Welsh Quarries


Garlic Winner 2018

Yr ennillydd Gilbert Bowen yn derbyn y llechen gan Liz Sheahan, chwaer y diweddar John Moriarty. The winner, Gilbert Bowen, receiving the trophy from Liz Sheahan, sister to the late John Moriarty.


1 Gilbert Bowen

2 Jon Greenough & Linda Fraser

4 Gareth Jones & Rheinallt Puw


Y beirniaid eleni oedd , Malcolm Creasey, Joe Hembrough, Adrian Griffin ac Andy Carson.

Diolch o galon hefyd i Greenough Roofing a Pysgod Arlein am hyrwyddo’r cystadleuaeth, ac i Andy Carson o Northern Welsh Quarries am rhodd hael o lechan hardd i’r ennillydd.  Caulk Wight, Picardy a Vallelado oedd y garlleg tyfodd pawb eleni.  Un o’r telerau ydi bod y garlleg yn cael ei arrdangos gyda 150mm o stem, rywbeth i gofio blwyddyn nesa!

Diolch i’r beirniaid Adrian Griffin, Malcolm Creasey, Joe Hembrough ac Andy Carson.  Gwerthfawrogwn cyfraniad Chris Bailey-Hughes, cogydd, am y cawl flasus.

We also thank our sponsors Greenough Roofing and Pysgod Arlein, and Andy Carson of Northern Welsh Quarries for his generous donation of a handsome commemorative slate for the winner to keep.  Caulk Wight, Picardy and Vallelado were the varieties grown this year.  A reminder for next year: the bulbs are to be displayed with approximately 150mm of stem.

Thank you to the judges, Adrian Griffin, Malcolm Creasey, Joe Hembrough and Andy Carson. Thanks and appreciation go to Chris Bailey-Hughes for preparing the delicious garlic butternut squash soup.

Diolch o galon i bawb a gymerodd rhan. Many thanks to all who participated. Llongyfarchiadau Congratulations.

Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Challenge 2017

Donation to Alaw Ward Ysbyty Gwynedd

Malcolm, Maggie a Christine yn trosglwyddo y rhodd i Sister Laura Edge o Ward Alaw, Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Cynhaliwyd y Cystadleuaeth Garlleg Moriarty Thomas ar 19 Awst yn y Douglas Arms. Gwobr yr ennillwyr yw dewis elusen lleol i dderbyn y rhodd, a Ward Alaw yn Ysbyty Gwynedd oedd dewis Malcolm Creasey a Maggie Adam, ein buddugwyr. Sister Laura Edge derbyniodd y rhodd ar ran y ward. £425 oedd y cyfanswm a ddiolchwn o galon i bawb cymerodd rhan, ac yn enwedig i Jon Greenough o Greenough Roofing, sydd wedi cynnal y cystadleuaeth o’r dechrau, ac i Mark Gray o Pysgod Mark a ymunodd fel hyrwyddwr eleni.

The 2017 Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Competition was held at the Douglas Arms Bethesda on 19 August. The winners’ prize is to choose a local charity to receive the funds raised and this year Maggie Adam and Malcolm Creasey chose Alaw Ward at Ysbty Gwynedd. We donated the money this week and Sister Laura Edge is pictured here with Malcolm, Maggie and Christine of the Douglas Arms. The competition raised £425 and we are grateful to all who took part. In particular we thank our generous sponsors, Jon Greenough of Greenough Roofing who has supported the event from the beginning, and also to Mark Gray of Pysgod Mark.

Maggie Adam a Malcolm Creasey

Joint winners Maggie Adam a Malcolm Creasey receiving the Trophy from Myfanwy Moriarty Owen

Y beirniaid eleni oedd Adrian Griffin, Andrew Carson, Chris Bailey-Hughes, Gwilym Owen a Joe Hembrough.

Once again the garlic was purchased from The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight and 28 entrants submitted 84 bulbs: one each of the varieties Melnik, Provence and Picardy.

1: Maggie Adam a Malcolm Creasey
3: Lloer, Aran a Swyn
4 Dylan a Helen Williams, Helen Evans, Chris Thomas

Hoffwn ddiolch o galon i Andrew Carson o Northern Welsh Quarries am ei rodd o dwy lechan hardd i’n hennillwyr.

We are very grateful to Andrew Carson of Northern Welsh Quarries for his generous donation of an engraved slate for each of the winners.

The slate presented to Maggie The slate presented to Malcolm

The chef Chris Bailey-Hughes varied the theme this year, wowing the punters with a delicious garlicky and smoky butternut squash soup.
Cawl garlleg a sgwosh oedd Chris wedi coginio i ni y tro hwn, pawb di mwynhau!

Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Challenge 2016

Gwilym Owen yr ennillydd

yr ennillydd

Ennillydd y Cystadleuaeth Garlleg Moriarty-Thomas 2016 yn y Douglas Arms ym mis Awst oedd Gwilym Owen – llongyfarchiadau Gwil! Dyma fo yn cyflwyno’r elw i’r elusennau lleol dewiswyd ganddo, sef £210 i Eifion Jones yn cynrychioli Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru, a £100 i Neil a Maggie Adam yn cynrychioli Sefydliad Achub Mynydd Dyffryn Ogwen. Diolch i bawb a gymerodd rhan!

The winner of the Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Competition held at the Douglas Arms in Bethesda was Gwilym Owen – congratulations Gwil! Here he is presenting the funds raised to the local charities of his choice, namely £210 to Eifion Jones, representative of Wales Air Ambulance, and £100 to Neil and Maggie Adam representing the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team. Our thanks to everyone who took part!

Gwilym, Eifion, Christine, Maggie, Neil

Gwilym, Eifion, Christine, Maggie, Neil

Adrian, Chris, Andrew, Chris

The judges Adrian, Chris, Andrew, Chris

Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Challenge 2015

The winner, Dr Gareth Jones,

The winner, Dr Gareth Jones

The winner, Dr Gareth Jones, handing £310 over to Mr John Harold,Dr Jones Cymdeithas Eryri/Snowdonia Society.

The winner, Dr Gareth Jones, handing £310 over to Mr John Harold, the representative of the local charity chosen by Gareth.
Cymdeithas Eryri/Snowdonia Society. They are joined by Christine Edwards of the Douglas Arms, Bethesda, who host the event and
which is sponsored by Greenough Roofing.


Dr Jones the winner

The winner Dr Gareth Jones accepting his trophy from Mrs Myfanwy Owen

On Saturday 5 September 2015 the 6th Moriarty Thomas Garlic Competition took place at the Douglas Arms, Bethesda. Another excellent turnout with 24 competitors; once again the eldest was Len in his 90s and the youngest Abigail Greenough aged 10.

The judging team

The judging team

The judges Adrian Griffin, Chris Bailey-Hughes , Andrew Carson and Chris Thomas did a wonderful job tasting and analysing the raw bulbs. The winner was Dr Gareth Jones, Linda Hughes came second and last year’s winner Malcolm Creasey came third.

The chef/judge Chris Bailey-Hughes used the same competition garlic varieties (Early Purple Wight, Provence Wight and Red Duke) in his deliciously creamy, fragrant garlic soup that was served afterwards, and Gareth Jones baked the healthy sourdough bread that accompanied it. (Thanks doc!).

The competition raised £310 and Gareth has chosen Cymdeithas Eryri as the charity who receives the money. He is interested in possibly improving wheelchair access up Moel Faban and enquiries are being pursued to see if this will be feasible.

We are grateful to our sponsors Greenough Roofing for their generosity and Jon has confirmed that they will also sponsor next year’s event. Many thanks too to our judges who suffer cheerfully to taste all that raw garlic: Adrian, Andrew, Chris and Chris.

The main slate plaque with the winners’ names engraved upon it, and donated by Greenough Roofing, remains on display at the Douglas throughout the year so Andrew Carson, owner/manager of Northern Welsh Quarries Limited, has made and presented all winners past and present with a slate plaque each to keep. Thank you both very much indeed. Gwyn and Christine would like to thank everyone who made this a fun event and we hope to see you all again next year.

As in previous years we will be buying our seed garlic from The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight and the varieties we have chosen for the 2016 competition are:

Extra Early Solent Wight

 Bohemian Rose.

Red Donetsk

Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Challenge 2014

Malcolm Creasey the winner

 On Sat 30 Aug the fifth Moriarty-Thomas Garlic Challenge took place at the Douglas Arms, Bethesda.  It was an excellent turnout, with 32 competitors: the oldest, Len Dwr, in his nineties and the youngest, Abigail Greenough, aged nine.

The judges, Adrian Griffin, Andy Carson, Chris Bailey-Hughes and Peter Davis did a wonderful job once again, tasting and analysing 80 bulbs (raw ones!).  A fun and fragrant afternoon was had by everyone else.

Judging Panel

Gareth Moriarty, Dave Stephen and Richard Barker entertained us with live music while the judging took place.

The Musicians

Malcolm Creasey, who came second last year.  Chris Thomas, Dr Gareth Jones and Malcolm won the varietal nomination for best individual bulb.  Garlic soup made by chef Chris Bailey-Hughes was garnished with garden chives from a plant given to Christine and Gwyn by Gwilym Owen, last year’s winner.  The soup is delicious and the recipe, kindly shared by Chris, is available here MT-GarlicSoup


The competition raised £300 and it is the winner’s privilege to choose the local charity which receives it. Malcolm chose to donate the money to St David’s Hospice in Llandudno and it was a pleasure to hand it over to Trystan Pritchard on behalf of St David’s.

Donation to St David's Hospice in Llandudno

We are all really grateful to our sponsors, Greenough Roofing, for their generosity and Jon has confirmed that they will also sponsor next year’s event.

Thank you, everyone, once again, for making this a successful event.

Garlic Challenge 2013 

Adrian, Chris and Andrew

Y beirniaid Adrian Griffin, Chris Bailey-Hughes ac Andrew Carson. The judges Adrian Griffin, Chris Bailey-Hughes and Andrew Carson

The Winner

Adrian, Myfan and Gwilym

Jonsi yn derbyn y rhodd o £200 i Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru gan Gwilym Owen.

Jonsi yn derbyn y rhodd o £200 i Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru gan Gwilym Owen. Jonsi receiving the
donation of £200 from Gwilym Owen for Wales Air Ambulance.

Sialens Garlleg/Garlic Challenge 2013

Yn dilyn misoedd o drafod a chynllunio, roedd diwrnod  Sialens Tyfu Garlleg wedi cyrraedd, a’r cystadleuwyr yn cyrraedd tafarn y Douglas gyda’u cynigion gwerthfawr o wahanol fathau o arlleg yn barod ar gyfer eu beirniadu.  Yna am 13h00 cyrhaeddodd y tri beirniad, sef Adrian Griffin, Chris Bailey-Hughes ac Andrew Carson.  Caewyd hwy yn yr ystafell dirgel gyda digon o ddwr a choffi i feirniadu’r 54 o gynigion, sef tri math gan bob un or 18 oedd yn cystadlu.  Bellach ‘roedd y ty cyfan yn drewi o arolg garlleg.  Wedi awr o flasu cawsant doriad haeddiannol cyn dychwelyd i’r arfaeth.

Erbyn 15h00 yr oedd ennillydd wedi ei ddewis, ond arhoswyd nes bod y cystadleuwyr i gyd wedi dychwelyd cyn cyhoeddi.  Yn y cyfamser cafwyd adloniant byw gyd Dave Stephen, Gareth Moriarty (ar gitars) a Richard (llais).  Cafwyd enghriafft hefyd gan Richard o gerddoriaeth gydag offeryn taro o’r enw cajon.  Nid amharwyd dim ar y7r adloniant gan y gwynt a’r glaw, a chafwyd prynhawn difyr iawn.  Am 17h00 daeth y dyfarniad gan Adrian, y Cadeirydd:  Malcolm Creasey yn 3ydd, Gareth Moriarty yn ail a Gwilym Owen yn bencampwr!

Hoffem ddiolch yn fawr iawn i’r holl gystadleuwyr am blannu’r clofau ac yna eu bwydo, eu dyfrio a’u meithrin yn ofalus cyn eu dychwelyd i olau dydd i gael ei beirniadu!  Diolch hefyd i Gwmni Greenough Roofing am eu haelioni yn prynu’r hadau garlleg a’r tlws o lechen hardd.  Cyflwynwyd y tlws i Gwilym gan Mrs Myfanwy Owen.  Diolch hefyd i Chris Bailey-Hughes am goginio’r cawl garlleg blasus (oedd yn cynnwys 300 o glofau, wedi eu plicio i gyd gan Chris ac Adrian!).  Gwerthwyd y cawl, gyda’r elw, ynghyd a thal mynediad y cystadlu, i’w roi i elusen lleol o ddewis yr ennillydd.  Gwnaethpwyd elw o £170, a chwyddwyd hynny i £200 yn garedig iawn gan y gwestywyr, sef y Douglas Arms, a dewiswyd yr Ambiwlans Awyr gan Gwilym i dderbyn y rhodd.

Diolch yn fawr i bawb, ac edrychwn ymlaen at eich gweld y flwyddyn nesaf!

After months of debate and planning the garlic challenge was underway as the competitors arrived at the Douglas to deliver their prized varieties of winning garlic, which they displayed ready for the judging.  Then at 13h00 the three judges arrived:   Adrian Griffin, Chris Bailey-Hughes and Andrew Carson.  They were duly despatched to the inner sanctum, with water and coffee, to deliberate and cogitate over the 54 entries, 18 hopefuls entered 3 varieties each.  By this time the whole house reeked of garlic.  After an hour of tasting they emerged for a well-earned half time break before going back for the final stretch.

By 15h00 they announced they had an outright winner but the name was not divulged until all the competitors had returned.  During the afternoon Dave Stephen and Gareth Moriarty (guitars) and Richard (vocals) entertained everyone with live music.  Richard also played a percussion instrument called a cajon (ka-hone)!  The wind and rain did not spoil the event and with the music everyone had a great time.  At 17h00 Adrian, the jury chairman, made the announcement we had all been waiting for: Malcolm Creasey (3rd), Gareth Moriarty (2nd) and Gwilym Owen victorious!

We would like to thank all the competitors for looking after the cloves that went into the ground and then fed, watered and talked to them so they could be brought into the light of day to be judged!  We are very grateful to our sponsor, Greenough Roofing, who funded the provision of the seed garlic and also the very handsome slate trophy.  The trophy was presented to Gwilym by Mrs Myfanwy Owen.  Also, thanks go to Chris Bailey-Hughes for making the delicious garlic soup (which contained 300 cloves of garlic, all peeled by Chris and Adrian!);  it was then sold and the proceeds, along with the entry fees, went to a local charity of the winner’s choice.  We raised £170 which the hosts (Douglas Arms) made up to a nice round figure of £200 and Gwilym chose Wales Air Ambulance as his favoured charity this year.

Next year’s event

The three varieties for next year’s competition are Vallelado, Chesnok Wight and Carcassonne: they were supplied by The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight and generously sponsored once again by Greenough Roofing. The local ironmonger, William Lewis & Sons, is also stocking some seed garlic this spring.

Thank you, everyone, once again, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!